Kothamangalam: The Gateway of Munnar

Kothamangalam is a beautiful and tranquil tropical Eden garden surrounded by misty mountains and it is the gate way to High Range which includes Munnar. All through the border flows the mighty river Periyar. It is not merely “Gods Own Country” but God really Dwells here. Kothamangalam is easily accessible from the Cochin International Airport and Alwaye railway station and this town is located on Alwaye – Munnar road and also on NH-49, Madurai -Kochi road.

Martha Mariyam Cathedral Valliya Pally(St: Mary’s Church):- This first church in Kothamangalam was established in A.D 498 (1514 years old).

Mar Thoman Cheriyapally (Mar Thoma Church):- This ancient church was established in A.D 1451 attracts thousands of pilgrims every year.

St. George Cathedral:- The Syrian Christian separated themselves as Jacobites Syrians and Catholics in 1655. Thus a new Church was established for the Catholics in 1685.

Thrikkriyoor Maha Deva Temple :- The temple deserves a special mention, as it is believed to have the spirits of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. The rites and rituals are based on those of Arya Dravida traditions. It is also believed to be the Capital of the Chera Dynasty.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Santuary:- The world famous Bird Santuary named after renowned Ornithologist, Dr. Salim Ali is situated at Thattekakadu, which is located 12 Km from Kothamangalam.